Jake Smucker


Sharing My Musical Ditties

Welcome to my website! I'm a student composer with interests in folk, musical theatre, pop, and some classical genres. I love writing for voice, and would love to learn more about jazz music theory. Feel free to browse through my music and see if there's something you like!

If you want more information on my compositions, feel free to check out my other website here.

Latest sheet music
Ì Samôla Valít
Classical / Choral music
From East to West: Four International Études for Oboe
Classical / Etude
The Bell Jar
Classical / Piece
Un Quatuor à l'Envers
In the morning when I rise
Country / Bluegrass
Introvert Song
Jazz / Barbershop
Songs of Hope
Classical / Song
They Crucified My Savior
O Thou in Whose Presence